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Independant Reggae Dancehall Artist from Caribbean Islands since a couple years , i'm always work harder to satisfy my followers !! from french songs to Kreyol songs to English songs and it's not finish ... , I do not inflict me with barriers and considers that the world is mine ! Everyday i'm learning ! I'm not the best, nor the most miserable, but I know one thing, i own a voice and I'm talented ! and waited around the world ! It's all a matter of time and meetings.

And of course , real support from my followers , this is why today , i created this new Subscription system for you .

Instead of buying albums by album or singles by singles , I propose a package the year to 60 €, you can download my whole catalog (more than 27 albums) , all the titles you want , the new songs, the old, the series Plates & Tunes etc .. .

You will have a privileged access to my fanbase (games to win , up backstage at concerts, free dedicated pictures,free merchandising , etc...) and 15% discount on all future merchandising (T Shirts, Posters, USB keys, stickers ...).

Right now You know what to do if you are a fully supporter !!!

I tell you in advance : THANK YOU to supporting me in a sustainable way.

P.S : this is a beta system , so don't loose time to subscribe , it could be cancelled at any time in the future !! Of course if you already subscribed , your acces to the whole catalog will be saved.

If You asking yourself if it's secured , don't worry !! All subscriptions goes directly on my bank account who are secured by the trust system : STRIPE .

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"Having started playing music professionally around 96 years in F.W.I , after two brief passages of the metropolis,
I focused on the Caribbean, more precisely the jamaica and Martinique,
I have now as an artist, (because I wear many hats)
9 albums, several singles under my belt, collaborations with ......

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